Evargro: Transforming the Control Systems, Automation & Low Voltage Industry

Evargro is India’s first B2B engagement platform which brings businesses dealing in technology
products and solutions from the growing Control Systems, Automation & Low Voltage Industry, together in one place and drives growth through facilitating meaningful interactions between them.It is a direct-to-customer platform which does not alienate the existing distribution channel. Evargro focuses on ‘engagement’ as the core value offering and believes that in a business-to-business relationship, product availability and price are not the only factors driving purchase decisions; especially in segments where business is done through consultation, this is more prominent.

The Control Systems, Automation & Low Voltage Industry in India has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in recent times and is riding a strong tailwind coming from investments
happening in infrastructure development, Smart City Initiatives and growing demand for sustainable living and connected environment. With 200+ cities identified to be smart, India is transforming its Tier 2/3/4 city story and so is the demand. The two biggest stakeholders of this growth are the Manufacturers, who are working tirelessly to bring out the latest of technology products to meet the customer requirements and the Integrators (or Installers & Contractors) who are adopting this technology in designing solutions for the customers. Evargro brings the two stakeholders together on a seamless interactive platform leveraging technology and facilitates better and faster value creation.

Over the last decade there has been a significant change in the profile of integrators serving this
industry, with more of them coming from Tier 2/3/4 cities and increasingly demanding for
technology and value. The estimated count of such integrators or installers or contractors is more
than 1 MN today. The traditional go-to-market strategies of manufacturers, which are largely
dependent on ‘stock and sell’ channel structure and people dependant processes, have not yielded
desired results in terms of reach or penetration or product portfolio engagement or overall
customer connect. The dependency on multi-layered channel structure and limited people resources have created huge gap between the manufacturers and the integrators, thereby cutting proper channel of communication. This has resulted in low understanding of product value and lack in differentiation of offerings, resulting in transaction led diminishing margin business. Evargro leverages technology to open up direct communication between the stakeholders and transforms this transaction led low margin business to an engagement driven high margin business.

Unlike regular online (aka e-commerce) companies whose primary focus is to resolve supply chain
and logistics issues, Evargro goes beyond in creating a sustainable community of businesses and
drives repeat purchase, customer life cycle engagement, low of cost of operations, improved
margins and multiple growth enablers like training & skill development.

Some of the major offerings on Evargro.com include:
1. Advanced B2B e-commerce engine which facilitates solution selling. The Online Solution
buying assistance enables customer to purchase a full solution rather than just a few
products e.g. Video Surveillance solution as against just buying CCTV cameras.
2. Curated product listing, enabling complete portfolio engagement with integrators, for
brands from solution perspective. This takes significance from the fact that approx 60% of
manufacturers offer less than 50% of their product portfolio to their customers (as per a
recent B2B study).

3. Curated product categories from the ecosystem which complement each other in parlance
to a solution for Automation or Low Voltage requirement.
4. Online BOQ (Bill of Quantity) builder enabling integrators to custom build their requirement
for any specific solution. Evargro collaborates with technical resources and knowledge base
of the Brands for providing validated BOQ or Solution to the customer.
5. Training and Skill development opportunities for integrators to access and learn new
technology and upgrade their offering to their clients. Evargro collaborates with the
Brands/Manufacturers in offering this as a value added service.
6. Intelligent material planning at the back end with manufacturers and their suppliers offering
‘Just in time’ inventory to the integrator community with faster and on time delivery to help
them complete projects on time.
7. Loyalty & Rewards Program encouraging integrators to move from ad-hoc price discount- led purchase to a long term incentive driven purchase with transparent pricing giving them
sustainable profitability.

The above and many more such curated offerings differentiate and create opportunity for long term
sustainable and profitable growth for the stakeholders on both sides of the B2B relationship.
Evargro brings deep knowledge of the industry and its stakeholders to curate an experience
unparalleled till now. It leverages technology to add value to each stakeholder’s business and uplifts the ecosystem with free and fair flow of information, access to latest product and technology and opportunities to up-skill and upgrade solution offering to serve customers better. Evargro brings the ecosystem together and transforms the way it operates. Speak to us to know more or Join us to unleash the untapped growth potential of your business. Evargro Your Business!